Our Promise

Byron Esencia is 100% Australian owned and we are passionate about our handmade skincare products that help maintain your skin’s natural beauty. If you are not happy with a product we offer a full refund or exchange. We always welcome your feedback and encourage you to let us know if we can improve our products or service in any way.

Byron Esencia skincare products are specially formulated  with carefully chosen natural and certified organic essential oils and herbal extracts to provide maximum benefits for specific skin types and needs. In all Byron Esencia products we use a blend of the following ingredients in each of our formulations:

  • High quality natural and certified organic ingredients to achieve superior results and maximum benefits for your skin.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils and Certified Organic Herbal Extracts with healing and anti-ageing properties.
  • Minimal preservatives – we hand make our products in small batches, so that you can use them soon after they are made. This means we are able to use minimal preservatives.  We use natural preservatives where possible.
  • Byron Esencia products are free from parabens, sulphates, sorbolene, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colours and fragrances.

 Read some of our frequently asked questions below, and if you have further enquiries contact us!

How long do Byron Esencia products last?

The shelf life of Byron Esencia products is 12-14 months. We encourage you to use your product within 6 to 9 months once opened for best results. To maintain optimal freshness and efficacy, each product should always be stored away from direct sunlight and below 30 degrees.

Byron Esencia products are all handmade in small batches to ensure high standards of quality control and optimal freshness.

Our product testing
Our products do not contain any animal ingredients and are tested only by people. All products are also Vegan as they contain no animal by-products. We are approved by Cruelty Free.
What’s the difference between Day and Night Creams?
Day Creams are formulated to treat your skins needs and protect from every day external aggressors such as wind, air conditioning and extreme temperatures (our Day Creams do not contain sun filters). Night Creams play a different role in that they too treat your skins needs whilst helping to replenish what has been lost throughout the day, plus they contain specific ingredients that assist in cell regeneration which occurs whilst we sleep.
What will the Face Serum do?
Face Serums are designed to give your skin an added boost of moisture and/or nourishment. Their silky texture can penetrate more deeply into your skin to deliver a higher concentration of the active ingredients. Our Face Serum is best applied straight after cleansing underneath your Day or Night Cream.
How does the Face Oil work?
Our Face Oil is specially formulated for dry or mature skin types to provide intense nourishment and is best used in the evening before bed in place of your Night Cream. If you feel your skin is extra dry, you can also apply a thin film of your Night Cream over the top once it’s had a few minutes to absorb. For finer skin textures or if you would like the benefits of the Face Oil in a lighter texture, blend one pump of Face Oil with two pumps of Face Serum in your hand and gently massage well into your face and neck.
Why do I need to use a specific Eye Cream or Eye Gel?
The delicate area around our eyes is one of the first to show visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and dehydration. This is because the skin is considerably finer than that of our face and contains less natural oil. Our Eye Cream and Eye Gel are each formulated with ultra-gentle ingredients to help hydrate, soothe and nourish this sensitive area. Our lightweight Eye Gel is the perfect formulation to start using as preventative eye care or if you prefer a lighter texture, whilst our richer Eye Cream is great for more mature skin types needing extra care to treat the more visible signs of ageing.
Do your Cleansers remove makeup?
Yes, both our foaming and cream cleansers gently remove makeup whilst treating the needs of your skin. Our Cream Cleanser is gentle enough to also remove eye makeup, however we recommend you avoid the eye area when using the foaming cleansers.
Do you have a Day Cream with an SPF?
Our current range of Day Creams are each formulated to treat specific skin needs and do not contain any sun filters, so we recommend you apply a sunscreen over the top before exposure to the sun.
How does a Face Mask work?

Each of our three Face Masks are formulated to treat different skin needs providing additional weekly care to your daily skincare regime;

Anti-Ageing Rosehip & Avocado Mask – This luxurious cream is formulated to leave on overnight to promote elasticity and encourage cell repair. It leaves your skin feeling soft, extra-nourished and rested.

All Skin Types Pink Clay & Rose Water Mask – A gentle clay mask suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Made to help calm, tone and firm your skin for a smooth complexion.

Clear Skin Green Clay & Tea Tree Mask – Made to deeply cleanse, helping to prevent breakouts and excessive oilyness. Suitable for combination/oily or problematic skin types and leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed and smooth.

What are the scrubbing particles in the Exfoliator made from?
The exfoliating action is achieved by the inclusion of finely milled Walnut Shell and Volcanic Ash particles that gently help remove dead skin cells for a polished and glowing-looking skin.
How do I know which Cleanser to use?
Both the Aloe Vera & Rosewood Foaming Cleanser and the Green Tea and Lavender Cream Cleanser are suitable for all skin types, so it is just a matter of personal preference.